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MediaCoder CLI Version is a command line utility based on MediaCoder, which can convert almost all types of video files as well as DVD/VCD tracks directly to any media format that MediaCoder supports with high quality and high performance (fully optimized for multi-core processors). The utility is an easy and efficient solution to add media encoding feature to a software application.



This product works on following operating systems:

Command Line Syntax

mc [-switch <value>] [-o <output file name>] <input file>




Command Line Example:

mc -vbitrate 400 -abitrate 64 -width 320 -height 240 -fps 15 -srate 22050 -startpos 5000 -o g:\out\test.mp4 g:\in\test.mpg


You can download a trial version with this link. The trial version works for a limited period of time and the encoding length is limited to 1 minute.

We also provide target-specific versions which covers a certain target format. We provide support for target compatibility of these versions. Here are current available versions:

Purchasing and Licensing

We provide two schemes for licensing after purchasing.

System code licensing

Internet licensing


You can choose the number of licenses and purchase right here with PayPal.

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